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The Mirador

Dare to experience an unforgettable adventure in an expedition to a forgotten Mayan city in the jungles of Petén. 

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Weaving in Guatemala

Come and experience the ways of weaving in Guatemala. The descendants of the Maya pride themselves on their weaving.

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Rafting in Cahabón

Get the most out of yourself by going rafting in the Cahabón river

Mayan Familie

Spend a night with a Mayan Family

Experience authentic GUATEMALA by spending a night with an indigenous Mayan family.

Community Tourism

An area of tourism that has not been completely developed in Guatemala’s tourism industry is Community Tourism. This focus would bridge the gaps in Guatemalan tourism, allowing for visitors to explore one of the richest cultures in the country by being fully immersed in it. Community tourism will give the tourist a close up view of a local native Guatemalan living in the different regions of Guatemala, learning the daily cultural practices and traditions of the farmers and Guatemalan communities. We are aiming to make this connection between tourists and communities for the overall development of Guatemala