Dare to experience an unforgettable adventure in an expedition to a forgotten Mayan city in the jungles of 



El Mirador


Carmelita community san andrés, petén




San Andrés is a municipality in the department of El Petén in Guatemala. The municipality is formed by the town of San Andrés, located on the north-western shore of Lake Petén Itzá, and 55 rural communities, with a total population of 20,295 people (census 2002).

The municipality was created in 1962 and has a territory 8,874 km², equivalent to 25% of the department of El Petén. In the 1990s, more than 93% (8,288 km²) of the municipalities territory was declared protected nature reserve by the central government. 

The area is also experiencing severe deforestation in its southern half. Deforestation has been particularly rapid near Laguna del Tigre National Park in western Petén.

To combat deforestation, Guatemalan president Álvaro Colom has proposed dramatically expanding ecotourism around Maya archaeological sites, especially El Mirador, and trying to further develop an agricultural system in the southern portion of the Maya Biosphere Reserve that will prevent further northward migration. He calls his plan "Cuatro Balam".

What to do:

Dare to experience an unforgettable adventure in an expedition to a forgotten Mayan city in the jungles of Petén. These rainforests are waiting for international and national tourists, and during the tour you can hear the birds singing as they fly through the dense forest. You can rest peacefully after the journey in the quiet darkness and also hear the howling monkeys. Each day of the trip you will discover different cities that were once inhabited by the Mayans. The main attraction are the el Mirador, where you can see groups of buildings known as the TIGRE and the MONOS a building called GARRA DE JAGUAR, the central acropolis and the great pyramid of la Danta.


557.00 dollar p/p, minimum four people


Transportation from Flores to the Carmelitas community, food, and a mule for carrying each person’s luggage

What to bring:

Light clothing, comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen and camera








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