Experience an adventure in the most symbolic and important caves


Se’tzol community, chahal, alta verapaz


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Chahal used to be part of Izabla, but this was changed with the agreement of 2 November 1887 and now belongs to Alta Verapaz. In the colonial times the language spoken was Manche, unfortunately this language is extinct.  On 31 May 1890, at the request of the authorities and neighbours, Chahal returned to the jurisdiction of Alta Verapaz as a village in the municipality of Santa María Cahabón. On September 5, 1903 by Coalition was elevated to the status of municipality in the department of Alta Verapaz, signed by the President of the Republic, Manuel Estrada Cabrera. La Chahal municipal capital from its origins to before April 5, 1983, was located in what is now known as Old St. Augustine or Chahal.

What to do:

Experience an adventure in the most symbolic and important caves in Alta Verapaz. Some of the caves are located in the town of Chahal, just a few meters form the main highway. Walk about 15 minutes through the forest that surrounds this beautiful place and see these caves that an underground river passes through Rio Chiyu. During the walk through these caves you can relax or swim for a bit in a pool of water


15.00 p/p, minimum of two people


Tour through the caves with inflatable tubes

What to bring:

water shoes, and shorts. It is also recommended to bring change of clothes for after the swim. Also bring a flash light with extra batteries


Not included, but ask for our transportation prices 







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