The Sepalau Lakes


The Sepalau Lakes are impressive lakes used by local communities.

The sepalau lakes


Sepalau community, chisec, alta verapaz


Chisec, Alta Verapaz is located 76 kilometers north of the city of Cobán, the state capitol, and 289 km north of Guatemala City. Its landscape is dotted with limestone towers and caves containing painted Mayan pottery that was broken during ceremonies that took place over a thousand years ago. The municipality of Chisec is a 2000 square kilometer rural patch of jungle and mountains in the state of Alta Verapaz. The town of Chisec itself was burned to the ground at least twice during the years 1981-82. Those that could, fled to surrounding cities to wait out the chaos, some chose to live the surrounding jungles and caves.

What to do:                                                      

You will visit the Sepalau lakes, which are four natural clear water lakes  surrounded by a landscape formed by  limestone formations and jungle. The lakes are just eight kilometres away from Chisec and easy accessible.  These lakes constitute a geological curiosity and the colour vary during the year. It is not allowed to swim in the first lagoon, this because it is used by local communities as water source, however in the other three it is allowed to swim. The different lagoons are connected by natural trails.


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Lakes and guided trails

What to bring:

Light and comfortable clothing and walking shoes, a bathing suit, water shoes or sandals, sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses


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